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6 Tips For Developing Your Event’s PR Plan

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Marketing and public relations are a lot alike in many ways, but there are some key differences when it comes to a corporate event.   At its core, marketing works to tell a story and sell your company’s products or services. Meanwhile, public relations works to develop and maintain relationships with consumers, news outlets, and other channels to build a positive reputation.   PR plays a big role in event planning, and according to the Society for Marketing Professional Services there are six main aspects to ensure success:   1. Lay it all out A thorough PR plan is a successful PR plan. You want to tell people about your event with targeted messages across numerous channels. Create a schedule, including deadlines and deliverables, for your entire team and make sure everyone knows their role.   2. Target your messages Social networks, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, are awesome outlets for distributing event teasers and growing your guest list. Meanwhile, a media advisory can help fuel additional interest and get the press paying attention. Just remember to tailor your messages depending on the specific outlet, rather than blasting a uniformed one.   3. Track your progress Your thorough plan should include weekly status reports that indicate the bases covered and what areas need a stronger PR push. Once the event comes to a close, put together a post-event debrief to target your strengths and weaknesses for next time.   4. Know your audience The press is a powerful tool in event PR. You may want to promote your event to the biggest publications out there, but those efforts could fall on deaf ears. Instead, research specialized publications that are relevant to your company’s industry and start forging relationships.   5. Don’t delay Members of the press who attend events often have busy schedules. Notify them of your event well before its start date so they can pencil you in. Early outreach also helps create excitement around your corporate event and can even create interest from potential sponsors.   6. Have mass appeal Give people and the media a reason to attend your event. If you have a keynote speaker, a famous guest attending, or have a philanthropic aspect, let the media know.   Public relations can make or break an event. Need a little extra help navigating your PR plan? Fourth Wall Events is here to help!

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