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Common Event Planning Problems and Their Simple Solutions

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Planning a corporate event can be a challenging task, but with the help of the talented team at Fourth Wall Events, it can be much easier.   During planning and hosting an event, you can run into some daunting (but common) issues. Luckily, according to BizBash, many of them have simple solutions.   Problem: Attracting a crowd during the winter months Getting people excited about an event during the dark winter months can be difficult, but with the proper event design and décor, guests will be lining up in the cold to get in. Decorating a portion of your event space in a warm summer theme, including a tiki bar, miniature palm trees, umbrellas, and grass will allow guests to forget about the winter doldrums outside.   Problem: Losing guests’ attention Event guests want to be wowed and captivated. Unfortunately, holding their attention is one of the biggest obstacles in the entire event planning industry. One of the best ways to start is with a sharp set design that is intimate and inclusive. If you are presenting, break up your performance with audience-inclusive activities, videos, and interesting graphics that easily convey your information.   Problem: Uncooperative weather Uncooperative weather is one of the fastest ways to unhinge any event. If a heat wave is in the forecast, distribute branded water bottles, towels, and sunglasses. Meanwhile, a rainy day can be offset with branded umbrellas and ponchos – guests will appreciate your forward thinking.   Problem: Crowd control If your event is large enough to require complex crowd control techniques, then congratulations are in order because you did great marketing! Adaptive strategies that keep a large crowd organized include line areas marked out with tape, shoulders in the hallways, and mobile apps that show how many people are planning on attending each panel, talk, or presentation.   Problem: Limited space with a difficult layout A small event space can make attendees feel cramped while a large room can feel sterile and boring. Make sure to tour your event space well in advance to ensure you have the best theme and décor to utilize it effectively.   At Fourth Wall Events, we love a challenge and are always prepared with a Plan B to tackle common event planning problems. Contact us today and we’ll let you know exactly how we can help with your next event.

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  1. During planning and hosting an event you can run into some daunting issues like limited space, weather, budget. But at the same time there are solutions to these problems which are well explained in this post. Thanks for sharing. I’ll go through these solutions before planning my next event.

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